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Wes Kingdom by dani’s drawings

Last chance to see dani’s drawings and Wes Kingdom .

As September (and the summer) is coming to an end, we thought it would be fitting to pay a little tribute to dani’s drawings that made the last three month’s at Fika so eventful.


This is Dani! Drawing in her studio.

She is a Swedish illustrator with a very distinct style…

barbaraby danis drawings

If you ask her, she would say that she loves noses. This is kind of obvious from her illustrations.

shoreditch by danis drawings

The above and below are taken from the Shoreditch poster.

shoreditch by danisdrawings

So how did Wes Kingdom come about?

Wes Kingdom by Danis Drawings

Sadaf, Fika’s owner, was walking down Redchurch Street on a bleak February evening, saw a poster of Bill Murray through a window and immediately called our illustrator friend Dani and asked her if she would like to have some fun this year. That’s where the idea to create our Wes Kingdom was born, really.

Dani began to draw…

wes anderson b dani's drawings

Then she started to plan…


Then she drew Gwyneth…


and Bill… (of course)…

Fika Bill Murray

Then she made sure that Fika was full of things that were inspired by the films.

Many things are from her own collection.

Like the record player…

Wes Kingdom at Fika

The record…

wes by Dani

The pegs…


The little Foxes…


The glasses AND the book…

rushmore by Dani

Dani loves to have a fika.

cups by danis drawings

Where she get’s inspired…(again)


to draw…


… and draw…


… and draw. We will leave you with something ultra Swedish…


Wes Kingdom will run until end of September. Catch it whilst you can.

The Wes Kingdom trio is available to buy at Fika for £50 per print including the frame.

I hope we have inspired you with dani’s drawings.

dani for blog  visit her website on